Things Right.

A Chinese Giant who was determined to expand its user base outside China.

Meet LeoMaster

LEOMASTER taking "Link Everything Online" as mission, is endeavouring to provide the most convenient mobile life for individuals on a global scale.


Digital Strategy
App Store Optimization
Business Consultancy
Website Development

The Marketing Design Process

The Goals

The brief was clear bring the costs down and expand the user base by all the legit means.

App Store Optimization


Most of the cost and user acquisition issues are easily answered by right App Store Optimization. Unlike any other app their app was having a particularly high un-install rate, so before we could fill up the bucket it was important to repair the leakages. We got in touch with the users and took their feedback, designed out suggestions which would not change their product but at the same time give users a feel of localization. After repairing these leakages, we executed our user acquisition strategy, which was 60% driven by ASO. We were successful in crossing the 100 million user mark, with 1.6 million reviews with an average rating of 4.2 on Google Play and also the nightmarish uninstall rate was gone forever.

From the client

"It was a big risk to give this assignment to a Start-up agency and we were taken aback by the changes they had suggested to the app. However, their Data gave us the confidence and we decided to go ahead. It frankly did wonders for us, Delta Labz has never made us feel that we were sitting in different geographies, the only meetings we had were though skype. Never met anyone from Delta Labz in Person as they were in India and we were in China."