Google Recently came up with a Report “Year in Search“ which shares very deep insights into the mind set of Indian Users.

The Report spans across 11 verticals & deep dives into the minds of Indian users & the implication this has for br&s; & marketers trying to acquire Indian Users or Consumers.


1. Non Metros are the Real Hot Buckets.

3 Vs – Voice, vernacular & Videos are the key pillars which are driving these non-metro geographies. Search queries are growing at a much higher rate than in metros, in fact more than 66% searches are not happening from Non-metros.

While Hindi Dominates the local languages, other regional languages like Bengali, Telugu, Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, & Punjabi are quickly gaining prominence online.

Learning: This only goes to show that brands would have to focus on Tier II & III cities & digital marketing strategies would have to focus on languages apart from English. This is the only way to reach the right target audience.


2. Digital is About Revenue

Digital started as a support system where brands came online for customer service & to support their offline & TV campaigns. Last 2 years have been a paradigm shift, 68% of brandss leverage digital marketing to promote their products & services.

In fact today there is no prominent brand which is not taking help of Digital marketing to grow their business.

Learning – A Strong and Comprehensive Digital Strategy it the Back bone of any business today.


3. Indian market is set to expand

The growth story of Indian Online Inc. is not over. While in 2017 there were 400+ Million people online on Google , by 2020 this number will cross 650 million users according to google Estimated.

While Google was accessed by more than 330 Million smartphones in 2017, Google estimates suggests that this number will cross 500 million smartphones by 2020.

Learning – A Strong influx of starter Apps, new mobile phone brands and a growth in Demand of Smartphones is expected.


4. Online Shopping and Digital Transactions

Average spends per user is expected to grow by 2.5 times by 2020 taking the market to $100 billion. This growth will be fuelled by

  • E Commerce Platforms
  • Travel Platforms
  • Online Hotel Bookings
  • Online Financial Services
  • Digital Media Channels

Not only the Average revenue per user will grow but the paying user base will also grow by 2-3 times and will reach 180-200 Million paying users by 2020.

While mobile wallets are in great demand, Google Search trends suggest that users are feeling more attracted towards wallets backed by Telcos.


5. Offline and Online are no more separate stories.

When was the last you asked Google XYZ Stores Near Me, May be Today or May be yesterday? Google search reports suggest that brands which have integrated their offline and online channels and are focussed on a omnichannel experience are witnessing 50% increase in their online searches which also translates into the footfalls.

Learning – If You are a Store owner, don’t forget to list your business on Google Business.